Period Pamper Bags Help You and THEM!

Hey y'all, I've decided to start selling monthly pamper bags because, let's face it, periods SUCK! Included in the bag is chocolate, (did someone say.... CHOCOLATE???!!!!!) Yes I did, hunny!!! A delicious smelling pina colada candle, face mask and more. click the link to purchase and treat yourself. I also wanted to mention that I... Continue Reading →

How to have Periods that No Longer SUCK!!!!

  CaramelSunises launches a new subscription service that allows you to pamper yourself on your worst day of the month. Sign up is easy. Pay with PayPal and let us do the rest. July's bag includes a spa nail kit, heating/cooling bag, facial mask, chocolate mug cake and pina colada candle.

Impossible is Nothing!

As I was aimlessly enjoying some IG while drinking a freshly brewed cup of Joe via freshly ground beans and basking in sunshine, I came across the above quote. It hit me like a Mack Truck going full speed. How many times do we think we can't achieve our goals, whether they be minute or... Continue Reading →

6 Things I Learned at 28; Reflections of a Pre-Birthday Celebration

I find my birthday to be a time of personal reflection, growth and motivation for what is to come. I can still feel the cool, rough concrete steps of the large front porch I grew up on as a child. I cried when I turned 13 because I felt the weight of the responsibility of what life had for me as I left childhood and entered the dreaded teenage-dom. Now on the brink of the oh-so-interesting *cough* cough* Dirty Thirty, I have an odd calmness. I am not as sad as I thought I would be as my last birthday of my twenties approaches in less than 2 hours.

Dreams & Tomatoes

Stagnation is one of the fears of most creative people. We thrive on inspiration, on always improving our art form and constantly growing; if not in leaps and bounds, possibly we develop a brush stroke or engage in cardio to improve our instrumental stamina. Whatever the case may be, for a creative person to get writer's block, or be unable to create, it is a slow painful death that eats away at the core of who we are.

Two Hands

I've had major writer's block lately. Alas, I found a half done poem and finished it. Enjoy! Two hands attached to different bodies capture my mind's attention. The vast differences yet striking similarities are unsettling. The first, whose hands are callused, are rough to the touch. As my finger traces over each calloused ridge on... Continue Reading →

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