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31 Days to Sanity

Cover nov 10-15

We as women are inundated with trying to be perfect. The perfect mom. The perfect wife. The perfect house. The perfect children. It is the commercial and magazine industry’s goal is to make you feel unworthy, or at least, until you buy their latest product. Is an $80 night serum really make your face as smooth as a baby’s bum?

So what happens when we don’t measure up to those standards that society places on us? This book was written out of a response to this so-called failing. It is broken down into 31 days, and focuses on various areas that we as single mothers face: faith, self, babies, friends, home, money and organizing. With a touch of laughter, a dabble of hope, and a whole lotta loving, we tackle these questions and more. Join me and embark on this journey together. I can’t promise that it will be easy, but it will definitely be worthwhile.

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Shadows of Memories

Shadows Amazon CoverShadows of Memories is a collection of easy to relate to poetry and photographs that portray life, love, loss, happiness and meaning.

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