#10YearChallenge: A Reflection

It has been quite some time since I wrote to you, but one of my goals for this year is to blog more regularly. I have been focusing my energy on writing my next book and doing my weekly videos on self-care.

There has been an Instagram challenge going on lately called, “The Ten Year Challenge” or “How Hard Did Age Hit You Challenge.” I’m sure you’ve seen the hashtags and had some laughs, surprises and participated yourself.

As with most social media postings, it seems as though only the people who had something to celebrate were posting their 10 years then and now, at least, that’s where my mind went to. What if, after 10 years, I have a myriad of unfortunate events that have affected my life such as divorce, death, war, and a host of others. I want to include weight gain in this. It seems to be amiss the 10 year awesomeness.

But what about real life? What about situations like 10 years ago, sock selling Rob Kardashian to post-Black Chyna Rob Kardashian? What about those of us who have to still lose our pregnancy weight? “Uhh… yes ma’am, my baby is now 8. What’s your problem?” hehe. Yes, I am able to smile within this situation and remind myself that my body is capable of producing life. “Nani! (that’s what my babies call me) Show me where I was!!!!” they exclaim as they smile and lift my shirt on occasion to trace the stretch marks on my belly.

I was hesitant to post. What if people noticed I am bigger, as some rude assholes have commented in real life. Yes. Those people exist. Even this past weekend someone inquired about where the baby was. Don’t worry. Karma will get them later ūüėČ But then… I thought about what has happened in the last 10 years, which made me proud to post. I will give you a list because it’s easier and because I love them.

3 stunningly beautiful babies who have phenomenal souls and chose me to be their mamacita |¬†leaving an abusive marriage |¬†a messy divorce |¬†graduating college |¬†graduating university |¬†having intense, makes your heart melt, can’t think about anything else, love in my life |¬†breakups and heartache |¬†starting 2 businesses |¬†moving 3 times in 1 year. Twice. |¬†meeting my biological family and birth mother | experiences with suicide & the mental health ward |¬†mental health challenges |¬†playing the piano. In public. Weekly. For people. And not puking. |¬†recovering and embarking on an incredible journey of holistic wellness |¬†writing 2 books |¬†started a blog |¬†started a YouTube channel |¬†being published in scholarly journals |¬†only ONE (ONE!!!) terrible haircut. Me and the stylist broke up. Yes, it was personal |¬†becoming a coffee lover |¬†still loving the ocean

I’m sure if I asked you to write out your own fantastic summary list of the last 10 years, it would be also be filled with great things, terrible things, hilarious things, and everything in between. But it is in your humanity-in my humanity- that we shine. That we are brilliant. That broken crayons still colour. That a strong person had to go through the shitty things to become stunningly awesome.

And so. The prompting of this blog post was due to a conversation with my big sis about talking to our future selves and speaking into existence what we want. If I could tell my 21 year old self everything I know now, what would I tell her? That I am strong and I will get through this? I was made for beautiful things. I am a goddess and deserve only remarkable things and nothing less. YOU. YOU! You are a god/goddess and deserve only remarkable things.

Here’s to the next 10 years. May you shine. May you inspire. May you be and have all the things you deserve, desire, and attract. You are worth abundance and greatness!

One thought on “#10YearChallenge: A Reflection

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  1. Hello, I love your message today and think that you are absolutely gorgeous. I cannot even fathom that people make such comments about you. You have a wonderful and gentle soul. Keep being you, you’re awesome ūüėä

    Regards,Larry Brewer


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