How YOU Can be Royal Too

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The royal wedding was a global phenomena and earmarked as one of the events of the year, if not the decade. The budget was £32 million or about $60 million USD. The dress alone was $300 000. There were copious amounts of guessing as to what racked up a bill for the rest of the £31 million: approximately £1 million was allocated to typical wedding expenses and the rest was for VIP security to host the likes of the Beckhams, Pryanka Chopra and Oprah minus Stedman.180519160940-celebrity-guests-split-1280x720

Do you think when they planned the royal wedding anything was left to chance? (royals meme) NO! They had every last detail meticulously planned. In the course of getting the absolute best of everything, do you think at some point the Queen and Megan decided they’d get the bargain version by shopping at Wal-mart/dollar store? Would Drake, Kylie Jenner, Lebron or Rihanna accept less than the absolute best in any aspect of their lives? Look at any of the Housewives franchises; a dirty look let alone substandard food from a waiter can send weaves, earings, and fists flying. Bvcw2ojCYAAMbkL

What does that have to do with you or me? I’m getting to that, just you wait! About 2 billion people watched the wedding take place, so I would like to assume that people are quite interested- or at least, of the 7.5 billion people on the earth, you’d be one quarter of those interested in all that royal matrimonial bliss shit lol.

As the weeks led up to the wedding, the wedding happened, the hype and pandemonium are still on the rise as royals and #meganmarkle are still trending, it can’t help me think- do I think of myself as royal? Do I treat myself in such a way that I deserve not only average things, but good things- great things even? I listen to podcasts of Tony Robins, Maria Forlio, Les Brown, Oprah, or, if you have been following this blog for long you know of my love for Dr. Eric Thomas. They strongly urge us to “live our best lives.” Am I doing that? Do I have the career I want? Am I living the life I want? Do I drive the car I want? Have I achieved my goals? Does my life look the way I pictured it? Am I capable of more? dave_chapelle_fucking_up

For most of us, the answer is probably that we can do better. We are settling. We have received a life of mediocrity- for better or worse or indifferent- as all that we are capable or deserving of. But what if I told you that we can achieve some royalty in our own lives TODAY? I have 3 ways that we can utilize today to live out this G.O.A.T./royal/bosslady tip immediately!

  1. Set boundaries. When our time isn’t our own, and we are running ourselves ragged as someone else’s personal Uber service, assistant, or more, we become run down, and are not working on our own dreams and plans. Today, choose to say, “I will not be attending ________.” (don’t have a melt down! Insert calming bear hug of happiness bridesmaidshere).
  2. It’s ok to say NO. It’s true that when we say yes to something, we are by default saying no to someone or something else. That is ok. We as women are notorious for feeling guilty and needed to provide an excuse for why we can’t do something. Today, choose to say, “I won’t be doing that. I wish you luck on….”
  3. Treat yo’ self, hunny! I had a few close friends tell me recently to indulge. It doesn’t have to be expensive- or maybe it does for you. But treat yourself. Go to the spa. Buy the damn shoes girl! Go out to eat. Soak in the tub. Whatever that looks like for you.

aint no

Set yourself up for success. We are all beautiful. We are all royal. We all have greatness within.

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