He said, she said she said she said, Kanye, and YOU

It’s been quite the week in the media, has it not? Bill Cosby was found guilty, which I’m sure you know, and Kanye was reported as saying foolishness along the lines of, “slavery was a choice.”when-kanye-says-slavery-was-a-choice

The latter as caused an uproar and visceral response from the public, media, bloggers and the like as anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock is aware that international, Transatlantic Slave Trade spanned 3 continents and approximately 12 million people displaced. Is it naive to believe he was referencing Bob Marley’s mental slavery through the emancipation of one’s mind. Marley, in my opinion, was urging his listeners to relinquish the effects of internal oppression and systematic racism. bob-marleyI have a hard time believing that Kanye was referencing Bob, and was instead referring to the Transatlantic slave trade for media attention and reactions. Would this blog post even be written if he hadn’t opened his mouth to say those thoughts out load to the world? As delightful Wendy Williams, TV talk show host, would suggest, “That there is kitchen table talk. It’s not meant for the rest of the world.”

And yet, isn’t that exactly what Kanye wants? He is part of the carefully orchestrated wendy wwKardashian empire, who are famous for being famous. I know it’s been said that every publicity is good publicity, circa VMAs 2009 Kanye jumping on stage with Taylor Swift.  So what does this mean for you and me, average everyday people? *insert crickets and blank stares* We will get to that, my friend, just you wait.

Also equally noteworthy, 80 year old Bill Cosby was found guilty of sexual assault and could potentially face 10+ years in federal custody. While Bill Cosby seemed to be slightly ahead of the #MeToo movement, I’m not sure what is more terrifying- as he might have been the most notorious serial rapist spanning 60 victims over 3 decades, or that most of his victims will not be able to face their accusers as the statute of limitations has run out. This you are probably also aware of. So why am I regurgitating old news? What is their relevance to us ordinary people who are out living our best lives at our 9-5s?

We have a responsibility to ourselves to not blindly accept everything we hear as truth. aristotle quote mindFacebook does not count as accurate news. I know this might be mind blowing, but stay with me. I once had a junior high school teacher who almost drilled it into our heads this notion of slight cynicism for the sake of sanity. I believe he was correct. It doesn’t matter whether our information comes from our best friend, a mate at the pub, or your mom who would *never* lie to you (insert epic story of how a friend’s mom repeatedly lied to her daughter about how pork is actually chicken). Do you research. We live in the most information rich age in the history of history. Read? I know. Ask around. Get a second opinion. Who knows, maybe if the first time Kanye said something completely outlandish and full of epic bullshit, someone called him on it, we wouldn’t be having the media uproar we are having today.


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