Rachet at the Mall

As I contemplated writing this blog over the weekend, I was initially planning to write Cardi-Babout the heart felt travesty of my 6 year old daughter singing, I Make Money Moves over and over as 6 year olds do, and the ensuing  cultural and feminist implications, but an incident straight out of any Housewives franchise upstaged these lyrics. Feel free to grab a glass of something yummy, sit back, and enjoy the pandemonium.

I took my babies to the mall this past weekend to get a Cinnabon because they earned it and because Cinnabons are from HEAVEN itself and any and every excuse to stuff those morsels of deliciousness into your face hole should be followed up on.

Alas, I digress. Those freshly baked snacks are enough to get even the strongest of willpowers weak at the knees. Stay with me people. There is a point to this mall and snack tangent. We all sat around a large mall table,  when suddenly and without warning, scads of people scurried themselves in what can only be described as like a flash Black Friday sale at Wal-mart. Obviously, my son said, “Can I go throw this out in the garbage?” He is quite bouncy in nature, so I figured the quick walk/jump would mitigate his bounciness. He runs back. “THEY’RE FIGHTING! THEY’RE FIGHTING! COME SEE!!!!”

I packed up the rest of our snacks. My girls ran with great excitement towards their brother. The crowd gathered upstairs and downstairs. There must have been at least 200 people crowded around the semicircle of the upstairs viewing gallery. The reactions are what shook me to the core. As I scanned the crowd, people laughed. People took videos. Most just stared. The object of their viewing?

Two black women. One had removed her shirt. One had hair ripped from her weave in a download (2)pile on the floor. Both were being held back by various members of the crowd. I rounded up all children and left for this reason:

We do not reward poor behaviour with an audience.

Shocking. I know. In a culture of Love & Hip Hop, Housewives Franchises, Black Chyna, and reality TV at an all-time high (a record billion dollar a year industry, I might add), of course we as the public would watch. After all, that is what we watch in our private life. What we hashtag and fill our feeds with the latest and greatest of fights; who punched who, who isn’t juicy and rachet enough for RHOA.

But what happens when our private life collides with public life? Didn’t we see that with school shootings and mass shootings like Columbine, Sandy Hook, The Boston Marathon and now Las Vegas? Sure, the arguments have been made that people are intelligent enough to know the difference between reality TV and regular life, but this is

download (3)

what our girls are emulating. Did you know that Kylie Jenner’s company is on track to be worth $1 billion dollars before she turns 25?

Yes, we as a society reward poor behaviour. But that doesn’t mean you have to. That doesn’t mean me or my girls (or son) have to. There are many remarkable women who are receiving recognition for exemplary actions and gender advocacy such as Jane Fonda, Beyoncé, Emma Watson, and obviously the remarkable #flotus, former First Lady, Michelle Obama.


This, in my opinion, is far worth emulating, than the latest booty implant to #doitforthedick or #doitforthegram


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