Bob Marley, Ellen Degeneres & The Dancing Guy


There is a man named Jed Lifeson who has become famous for dancing as he walks everywhere over the last 10 years. He dances everywhere he goes. It’s quite remarkable actually. I haven’t seen him around for awhile, but just saw him yesterday as I pulled out of a random alleyway. Could you imagine what would happen if you disregarded everything anyone else ever thought of you, and just lived your best life, as The Dancing Guy does? Here are 3 things I pondered as I drove home that day.

  1. Dancing changes things.AP PEOPLE MICHELLE OBAMA A ENT USA CA

Just ask Ellen Degeneres. Dance is a way of expressing yourself- your happy emotions, sad emotions, Marvin Gaye, “let’s get it on” emotions, and many many more. Music has the ability to express things the way words can’t at times.

  1. Living your best life requires bravery.

I’m sure this man didn’t decide as a boy that when he grew up, he was going to dance everywhere he went. I read a biography on him, and apparently he, “had so much happiness he didn’t know what to do with.” Could you imagine what my life, your life, would look like, if we were literally overcome with happiness and could no longer keep it in? There is an element of courage to live unabashed and free.

  1. Decisions in your daily life impact others.

While Jeb was just dancing away to music on his iPod, people began to take notice. In the biography I read, some people gawked at him. These are probably people who have their granny panties in a twist and have missionary sex on the first Thursday of the month, promptly at 7pm for exactly 15 minutes. No more, no less. Others, found him to be an integral staple to the city’s downtown core, and others still found him inspiring.

Which one are YOU? If you need time to figure it out, don’t worry. I will wait. *blinks. Insert cricket noises.* Regardless of what I think or you think, Jeb will continue to dance on. And that is remarkable.

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