You Can’t Use up Creativity

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10 incredible years.

10 years of laughs, 10 years of joy. 10 years of shenanigans. 10 years of striving every day to learn how to be the best mama to you I can be; of learning how forgiveness truly means you forgive, and do not bring yesterday’s troubles into today or tomorrow. I am miles from perfect, however, you remind me just as I remind you that you forgive me, “before I even asked.” (HA! Mya using my own words on me!! * See what she did there???)

You challenge me to be forever pressed into my creativity. You encourage me towards the best version of myself. “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” You help me develop my patience. Your temper is much like mine. When I see your passion flare, it brings a smile to my face because I too, allow my passion to erupt to the surface from time to time. The things that make you angry; I smile, because I too, am angered by the same things.

I’ve heard it said that to be a mother is to walk around forever with your heart living outside your body. That is what happened to me. This lil queen, who’s name means beloved or great, is stupendous beyond words. She has poise. She likes suishi. Her art inspires and surpasses mine. Her eyes dances to a rhythm no one sees and yet her body is still. But when she dances! She moves like no one is watching.

10 years of my heart literally walking forever outside my body. You are my heart. You are my, “I love you.”

Happy birthday to a stunningly beautiful soul, my love, Mimi.

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