A University Grad, a Couch & a Hiphop Preacher

Donning that cap n gown felt better than expected. I took a deep breath and walked across that stage tGraduation Picture 2017o accept my degree. Our dreams are possible. Our goals can be a reality. Impossible is nothing. We are only limited by our fears.

Deep breath. I sat on those over stuffed, navy blue couches yesterday, feet tucked under my graduation dress, surrounded by friends, and recounted of my first day of university. I had all but figured out navigating dropping off two babies at daycare, dropping my eldest at junior kindergarten and then hightailing the 30 minute commute to my work, or to the classes. I found a seat in amongst the large lecture hall, which was filled to capacity with others first year students. To say the professor was dry was a vast understatement. My eyeballs were tired from blinking so hard. THIS is what university is like? He spoke of theorists and high and lofty ideas I had never dreamed of. He expected us to just know the musings of Plato and Aristotle- the pillars philosophy, which gave way to the history of Psychology.

My mind swirled in every direction. I was not prepared for this. What was I thinking? Maybe I could get my money back. It wasn’t too late. And then. I took a deep breath. Maybe instead of running away I could attend just one more class. Coincidentally this other introductory class was right across the hallway. That entire class was spent discussing what movies and art we liked and why people should care about the arts. Insert awful joke about a urinal being art. download (1)

What would’ve happened if I had just left after that first class- convinced of my inferiority and lack of adequate knowledge? Would this quitting be the benchmark in which I measure future things to come? What if I hadn’t had those bribery coffees, coffee shop work lunches, or amazing people in my corner who encouraged me towards my dreams,when I couldn’t see it myself?

And so, as I shared that experience with my squad last night, I reflected BRIEFLY on what my life would’ve looked like if I had taken the road of defeat, as this night was not a night for reveling in grief but a celebration of triumph. download (2)

Is there something you have left behind? Is there something you are halfway through finishing and just can’t get over the last hurdle to face victory? This is your encouragement to press in. Make a list. Recruit a friend. Put on your feel-good-I-can-conquer-the-world music. When things get rough and tough, I listen to this clip by the phenomenal Dr. Eric Thomas. If you don’t know about him, you better ask somebody! https://youtu.be/JRfoFGGyRvU

He is better than the hype music for me. It’s that encouragement I’ve needed to keep pressing. He is that to me, and I want to be that for you, friend.


Don’t quit. When things are the hardest, there is usually a breakthrough just around the corner.


Xo Lana


Dream. Achieve. Inspire.





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