6 Things I Learned at 28; Reflections of a Pre-Birthday Celebration

Hello friends,

I’ve always loved the determination, humour and drive of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. One of my absolute fave quotes of LIFE that has definitely championed me this past year is this beaut right here;

imagesI find my birthday to be a time of personal reflection, growth and motivation for what is to come. I can still feel the cool, rough concrete steps of the large front porch I grew up on as a child. I cried when I turned 13 because I felt the weight of the responsibility of what life had for me as I left childhood and entered the dreaded teenage-dom. Now on the brink of the oh-so-interesting *cough* cough* Dirty Thirty, I have an odd calmness. I am not as sad as I thought I would be as my last birthday of my twenties approaches in less than 2 hours.

Each birthday, I also reflect on my life’s motto/quote of the year. For instance, five years ago, it was “When you want to say no, say yes.” This lead me to meet some incredible people, embark on great adventures, and even work with Hoarders (yes, the same as those seen on TV). Two years ago, it was, “You were given this life because you were strong enough to live it.” Last year’s was that great Rock quote above.

And so, with the dawn of another year on the beautifully wide expanse of an open sky over crystal clear turquoise water (because everything in my life is beachy), I sit at my laptop, to savour that mental picture and to solidify the goals for the coming year. Epic words of Carry Bradshaw come to mind,



I have learned several remarkable things about myself over this last year- things I felt worth sharing;

  1. I am worthy of love. Of friends. Of lovers. Of my babies. Of my family. Of myself.
  2. I am not broken. I have something worthwhile to offer.
  3. I am not someone tightly confined to a box; My creativity is not static but fluid.
  4. I am naturally not good at cleaning. That is ok.
  5. Enjoy the process. Enjoy the little things.
  6. Celebrate often.


These are things that are yes very personal, but also applicable to the masses. As so, friends, I will leave you with my quote for this coming year,


I seek to expand my creative muscles, delve deeper into what it means to embrace #blacklivesmatter and Caribbean-Canadian culture, pursue my post secondary studies towards grad school, fall even more deeper in love with those 3 lil stunners, and above all else, throw some love/kindness/sparkles (sparkles in Jesus’ name of course) because the world needs more love not less.


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