Know Your Worth

It has been quite a month, let me say that friend! We had Canadian Thanksgiving, and I had a vast array of papers, midterms, busy fam jam things happening to keep me on my toes. I was encouraged by a wonderful pastor in my life with these beautiful words, “When life speeds up, we need to intentionally slow down.” I have also found a new song called, Intentional by Travis Greene. The hook states, “God works out all things for my good. He’s intentional. He’s never failing.”

And so, with these two mantras behind me, I have felt rather pensive as the previous month escaped. I have been especially encouraged to be kinder to myself. To love myself. To know I am worthy of love; from others, but more importantly, from self. Far too often, we as women, are pressured by society to feel like we aren’t good enough unless we have all the latest beauty products or clothes. We ascribe to anther’s standard of what beauty is. What self worth is. It is attached to a dollar sign and jean tag size.

But what if we chose to go a different route? What if, we choose to love ourselves. To feel comfortable in our own skin? What if we choose to let go of our past mistakes and left our hands open to what is in store for our present reality, but also of our future dreams?

I am a lady who likes quotes. There are a myriad of famous dead people (and some still kicking around hehe), who have said brilliant things; things I aspire to integrate into my own life. I post these things around my house. They are written on Post-It notes on my headboard, A Beautiful Mind style. They are written in dry erase marker on almost all my mirrors. They are in common places; a constant reminder that I am moving forward.

You are uncommonly beautiful.

You are not the sum of your past mistakes.

You were given this life because you were strong enough to live it.

She believed she could, so she did.

Let go of the thoughts that don’t make you strong.

These gentle prods to my soul began to seep in when I least expected it. I began to be kinder to myself. To relinquish those thoughts that didn’t make me strong. I am NOT the sum of my past mistakes. I am uncommonly beautiful. I believed I could, so I did.

What would happen if we all choose to be a little more kind to ourselves and gave ourselves patience, peace, less pressure, more kindness and gentleness? In my opinion, we would be a better calibre of person. We would laugh more. We would become better partners, friends, lovers, parents.

You are worthy of self love. You can do this. Lovesome.


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