Shadows and Dreams

Hello Friends,

The summer was winding down nicely, and Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING is in full swing. School has begun, and things have a certain freshness or newness. I have been toying with different ideas as to what to blog about for the last month or so, but nothing really stuck. At first, I thought I would discuss purpose as it relates to my birthday as I make “birthday resolutions” not so much New Year’s Resolutions because I feel they are more individual to me. Birthdays are always a time of reflection; what my goals were for the previous year, how did I achieve them, or what is my life statement going to be for the coming year. But speaking to purpose did not captivate the essence of the blog I wanted to write.

And so it came to be… Ok, that sounds SO dramatic, when really it was this chick snuggled in her sweats, chilling in the hammock chair with wine, a fuzzy blanket and a notebook with NOTHING written in it. As I sat pondering some of life’s quandaries, I found myself staring at the sky. It was this incredible shade of light pink and baby blue hues splashed across the sky. I did not get up from my hammock chair, but took a picture.


I edited the settings on my camera and took a few more.


Restless, I still could not put into words the swarms of nothingness in my head. I could not write. I could not focus on what it was I was supposed to write about. And then finally, a LOUD voice said, “Lana. Just stand up and turn around already.” I blinked. I was comfortable. I was ok with what was. But I was intrigued. I stood up and turned around. This was the awe-inspiring sight that stood before me. If you were on Facebook yesterday, I’m sure you saw a myriad of other similar pictures of nature’s magnificence.


I drank in the scene before me. I took the following picture. My mind immediately went to what I could blog about- Shadows. Have you ever read Plato’s Allegory of the Cave? If you haven’t, you absolutely need this metaphor in your life, but I will summarize for you now. Basically, there are two people who are chained at the back of a cave. They live their whole pitiful lives, unbeknownst to them, in this cave, watching other people live their lives, while their shadows project on the wall of the cave in front of the two chained figures. One day, one of the people are set free and step outside the cave. Insert Hallelujah chorus and happy dance here people! And so, this person’s eyes has to adjust to life, but what a life it IS. No more chains. The arms, the feet, the air. All such a fresh experience to see, smell, taste, embrace and savour. This person then goes back to the cave to tell their friend how depraved their original cave life has been. The friend, however, is content to live in these conditions.

Fast forward out of Platonic times and into 2015. What would have happened if I had just remained content to sit in my hammock chair? Sure, the light pink in the sky was nice, but nothing compared to the absolutely astounding sunset that was last night. Mentally, I have been replaying this image and this notion in my head. What if I choose to embrace the amazing- the goals, the dreams that seem larger than life and not settle for the mundane, the comfortable, the complacent?

What if I you set out to do the same? In the words of Einstein, “We we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astonish ourselves.”

I will conclude with one of my favourite poems by Countee Cullen, entitled, Hey, Black Child. I recently sent this in a letter to my oldest daughter this week to encourage her little soul as she begins school for another year. May it uplift your spirit and soul as it did hers and mine.


Hey Black Child

Do you know who you are

Who you really are

Do you know you can be

What you want to be

If you try to be

What you can be

Hey Black Child

Do you know you are strong

I mean really strong

Do you know you can do

What you want to do

If you try to do

What you can do

Hey Black Child

Be what you can be

Learn what you must learn

Do what you can do

And tomorrow your nation

will be what you want it to be

Coach Carter- “And as we let our lights shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same.”

4 thoughts on “Shadows and Dreams

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  1. I was moved to tears today by your words and Countee Cullen’s poem. I also, enjoyed the Coach Carter movie clip. In it is one of my favorite quotes by Marianne Williamson. I heard Nelson Mandela use it first. Thank for the inspiration today. It confirms my purpose that God has revealed to me.


  2. I was moved to tears when I read your blog today. Coutee Cullen’s poem is one of my favorites and the Coach Carter movie clip has in it one of my favorite quotes by Marianne Williamson. Your blog is both an inspiration and confirmation from God to begin to move forward in one of his purposes for my life! Please continue to let your light shine Lana😊


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