#CanadaStrong- Oct 28, 2014

I can feel the laboured signs as you sink deeply into the dark blue couches that are the medium of conversation and common friendship. It has been a rough week, has it not? In regards to the shooting in Ottawa last week, a lot of people have asked my opinion. People react in different ways. I see the pain in their eyes. Other laugh anxiously in conversation. That commonplace nervous shifting of disposition, and yet, all have been touched in some way or another. And all are almost shocked at my response.

Let me be frank with you, my friend. What happened in Ottawa was disgusting. It was tragedy. It was the lowest of humanity acting out in personal pain. And yet, how often are mothers around the world mourning and not able to fully grieve the loss of their children? War torn countries are plagued with Post and Current Stress Disorders; rampant anxiety is a gross understatement.

We in the West are privileged (to say the least) that we have even the opportunity to grieve our loved ones. We have the freedom to discuss shootings in an open forum. To disagree with violent outrage. One soldier dies defending his country and a nation is brought to it’s knees; a child soldier takes the lives of another an yet no one morns. Where is the justice for that mother? Where is her solace? Where is the retribution for lives lost in an unfamiliar land?

“Out of sight and out of mind.” It disgusts me. And yet, commonality and love for humanity do not allow me to turn a blind eye to my fellow Canadians. While I am appalled at this behaviour that took place on our soil, I can appreciate the awareness that is has brought my national neighbours of global issues.

“God keep our land, glorious and free. Oh Canada, we stand on guard for Thee.”

Thank GOD we serve a God who hears our every cry. In Psalms, it says He collects our tears in a bottle. As we are left to deal with this situation, we can take comfort in knowing our God is sovereign. He wants us to run to Him with arms wide open.

Enjoy this encouraging video. If you have any questions or comments, let’s talk! Discussions open minds, change cultures and nations.





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