In the opening of one of Beyoncé's anthems, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has an epic spoken word at the beginning of Flawless; Why is this? I have been thinking about this recently as I am approaching my birthday. I have always been extremely contemplative each year as the day rolls around. I remember sitting on the... Continue Reading →

Do you ever have people in your life who just SUCK the life right out of you? They are toxic. Even the thought of them requires some hand/mind sanitizer, or at least two strong drinks? My life, unfortunately, has several of these people. They are leeches. They are takers. They are not happy until I... Continue Reading →

Have you ever met a person who was just BITTER and angry at life because of a divorce? They had one event, and then the rest of their lives have subsequently been marked by this, for better or for worse? *actually though* I have a client whose has those horrible divorced parents. I’m talking the... Continue Reading →

On Thursday I had the opportunity to go on a sporadic adventure to Ottawa, Ontario for the weekend. I decided to just say F*CK IT!!!!! and go. I packed my bags for the weekend, the gym, and work and I drove. Sometimes, the best memories in life are the ones you don't plan for. We... Continue Reading →

There is a man named Jed Lifeson who has become famous for dancing as he walks everywhere over the last 10 years. He dances everywhere he goes. It’s quite remarkable actually. I haven’t seen him around for awhile, but just saw him yesterday as I pulled out of a random alleyway. Could you imagine what... Continue Reading →

10 incredible years. 10 years of laughs, 10 years of joy. 10 years of shenanigans. 10 years of striving every day to learn how to be the best mama to you I can be; of learning how forgiveness truly means you forgive, and do not bring yesterday's troubles into today or tomorrow. I am miles... Continue Reading →

Period Pamper Bags Help You and THEM!

Hey y'all, I've decided to start selling monthly pamper bags because, let's face it, periods SUCK! Included in the bag is chocolate, (did someone say.... CHOCOLATE???!!!!!) Yes I did, hunny!!! A delicious smelling pina colada candle, face mask and more. click the link to purchase and treat yourself. I also wanted to mention that I... Continue Reading →

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