We could all use a little self-care, whether you are a single mama, college student, or working professional. I've expanded my medium from books, blogs, and speaking to include YouTube. These videos can be found here. Find practical tips on how to manage stress, take care of yourself, and live life with a smile on your... Continue Reading →

I was standing in line at one of my favourite Caribbean restaurants to get food. There was a busy line ahead and around me as I waited oh-so-patiently for my plate of deliciousness. As I looked at the ice cream menu with the fondness a new mother looks at her child, I felt a firm... Continue Reading →

When people tell me that suicide is selfish, I cringe. My skin crawls even as I write this.But Kate Spade had everything. Anthony Bourdain left behind a teenage daughter; how can they do that to them? Again, my skin crawls. This blog post is something that has been festering for quite some time. Festering, I know.... Continue Reading →

I knew the day would inevitably come for me. It may have already come or you're waiting for that dooms day like I had been. The first time it happened, my oldest daughter, Mimi, was about 6ish. She is quite bright and proficient with a computer and knows how to spell "Lana." It was only... Continue Reading →

Today at work I hosted a webinar for professionals who work in the non-profit sector. It was an interesting hour filled with a hardy discussion on what assertiveness is and how to improve our own self assertiveness. Apparently, it is not a personality trait but rather a learned skill that can be developed over time. The... Continue Reading →

The royal wedding was a global phenomena and earmarked as one of the events of the year, if not the decade. The budget was £32 million or about $60 million USD. The dress alone was $300 000. There were copious amounts of guessing as to what racked up a bill for the rest of the... Continue Reading →

It's been quite the week in the media, has it not? Bill Cosby was found guilty, which I'm sure you know, and Kanye was reported as saying foolishness along the lines of, "slavery was a choice." The latter as caused an uproar and visceral response from the public, media, bloggers and the like as anyone... Continue Reading →

*said no one ever* Or did we? I have been mulling over the topics of this most recent blog post for a few weeks now. I'm sure you have as much going on in my life. I have the words of Guy Hendrick's book The Big Leap on replay as I go about my days.... Continue Reading →

Hey you! Yes, YOU! That meme...that meme right there (said in the best Katt Williams' voice I can muster), is for YOU! About a year ago, I was getting ready to graduate university. For anyone who has been in this same predicament, you will know that when I describe the vague abyss that lurks on... Continue Reading →

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